Our staff and doctors have recognized these precious pets by making a donation to our Helping Paws Program in their name.

Mohnacky Animal Hospitals has always found ways to give back to the community and our Helping Paws Military Appreciation Program is our most aggressive initiate to date. It is a way to assure that our fine men and women in the military do not get overlooked and we feel that their sacrifices and unconditional commitments deserve special recognition.

Our mission is to be a resource to our fine military families and help them make healthy choices for their pet’s including the prevention of economic euthanasia during any crisis. By creating peace of mind we hope to enhance and strengthen the human-animal bond for our military personnel.

Lucy Kaye
Noah Schuman
Tiny Blake
Lenore Galindo
Dusty Rasanen
Maxwell Stranc
Max Peregrino
Peaches Steiger
Stitch Adan
Layla Bowe
Missy Carabello
Sally Cope
Bella Durham
Honeybun Ephron
Fluff Puff Ephron
Wooly Bear Ephron
Bubbles Flores
Murphy Francis
Jack Gloria
Chubbs Gonzales
Stanlee Graffham
Barrett Griffith
Arrow Harris
Misty Jenkins
Patches Koumaras
Extra Macarchuk
Moose Marin
Moose Morin
Omni Morrissette
Chuck Noll
Rex Parish
Lokota Sann
Ruby Seltmann
Oscar Tabin
Webber Wayne
Sadie Wilcox
Nakita Williams
Ziggy Wolters