Samantha Souther, DVM, DACT is our board-certified animal reproduction specialist focusing on canine reproduction. We welcome the breeder’s input and ideas when it comes to their dogs. Dr. Souther believes that healthy puppies, sires, dams, and future generations depend upon open communication and partnering with breeders to be successful . We realize that every breed is unique and each pet requires an individual assessment. Mohnacky Animal Hospitals offers skill and experience through providing reproductive services to meet the needs of breeders throughout North County San Diego and beyond. Dr. Souther is based out of our Carlsbad facility.

We offer pre-breeding examination, fertility lab testing, ovulation timing, prostate examination, semen collection and evaluation, vaginal artificial insemination, transcervical insemination, pregnancy care, whelping assistance, Caesarian surgery, neonatal support, and more.

Dr. Souther is available outside of hospital hours for patients seven days a week when reproductive procedures cannot wait—successful artificial inseminations, TCIs, semen collection, and emergency caesarean sections require well-timed services for good outcomes and healthy robust puppies.

If you are ready to start a breeding program, please call us to schedule a pre-breeding examination and assessment with Dr. Souther.