dvm2 (25)The Mohnacky Animal Hospital Team is dedicated to you, your pet, and an amazing client experience from our dedicated staff. Our staff consists of well-trained team members with skills that include an emphasis on compassion, understanding and empathy.

Pets Come First at Mohnacky Animal Hospital

We pledge we will make all attempts to provide a solution for the pet and the pet family. The best medical recommendations will always be presented but alternative treatment plans, flexibility in treatment, and other aspects will be suggested when necessary so as to provide workable solutions for the pet family.

Compassion & Integrity

We pledge that we will take the time necessary to not only be efficient when you are here with your pet but to make sure that we are compassionate as your pet care professional in being sensitive to your emotions, your feelings, and your financial situation.

Respect for your time

We pledge to respect and value your time. We pledge to keep you informed during your time at our hospital and give appropriate time frames when wait time is necessary.

Personalized Service with Open and Honest Communication

We pledge to provide to you, personalized service that is just right for you and your pet through open and honest communication. Our team of professionals use means such as phone, text, email and mail, to provide you with valuable information for your pet. In between visits with us, we will keep you informed of new and exciting medical procedures and animal care so that you are fully informed in providing a healthy life for your pet.

To be your Health Information Ambassador

We pledge to educate you throughout the lifetime of your pet so that you will have the information you need to make good decisions on the care for your pet as they move through the various life stages.

With these pledges we commit to YOU as a pet parent and as part of our family that our team of caring professionals will make all attempts to anticipate your needs, ease fears or provide emotional support while providing care for your beloved pet. Thank you for entrusting us with your beloved family member. Please provide us the feedback necessary to make sure that our team is serving you with the highest level of service and with the utmost of care and integrity. If we have not met your expectations, please ask to speak to a Supervisor or contact our corporate office at: 760-480-0028.