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Helping Paws Military Appreciation Day

The Helping Paws Military Appreciation Day at the Crosby will be held October 17, 2017! This second annual fundraiser featuring the world famous Crosby Golf Club is right around the corner! Helping Paws Foundation needs Sponsors as well as Volunteers for this event! All interested parties are invited to contact Crystal Monroe, Executive Director at […]

It’s July 4th!

Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing lights of fireworks, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets, and hazardous. On the Fourth of July, so many pets are frightened and try to escape the sights and sounds that animal shelters around the nation report a dramatic increase in lost pets during the […]

Heat Stroke Can Be Deadly!

It is summer and school is out, the weather warms up and we have more opportunities to interact with our pets. Because it gets hot we need to concern ourselves with heatstroke. Heatstroke occurs when normal body mechanisms cannot keep the body’s temperature in a safe range. Animals cannot sweat and get overheated easily. A […]

The Facts About Microchipping Your Pet

Every year, pets are lost – and without identification, 90 percent of them are never returned to their owners. Proper and permanent identification is the only way to ensure the return of a lost dog or cat to the rightful owner. While collars and ID tags are a good start but they can easily be […]

Do You Have A Pet Emergency Plan?

Your Plan Should Include All Family Members! The best way to protect your household from the effects of a disaster is to have a disaster plan. If you are a pet owner, that plan must include your pets. Being prepared can save their lives. Different disasters require different responses. But whether the disaster is an […]

Do You Have Pet Insurance?

Companies differ slightly when it comes to protecting pets, however pet insurance works on the same basic principles as most other forms of insurance. But, unlike insurance for people, where one has to deal with co-pays and different coverage amounts for different procedures, pet insurance is different. The veterinarian is paid vet directly, and then one submits for […]

Common Worms and Parasites: Identifying Worms and Symptoms

Common Worms and Parasites: Identifying Worms and Symptoms The threat of parasites and worms are a reality for your dog and cat. Affecting particular breeds and pets that have access to the outdoors, parasites and worms can cause small ailments like stomach upset, up to extreme cases of death. The most common type of parasites […]

Vital Pet First Aid Tips To Help Keep Your Pet Healthy And Safe

Vital Pet First Aid Tips To Help Keep Your Pet Healthy And Safe When you own a pet, there are many things to keep in mind. You not only need to make sure their environment is safe for themselves, but also have a working knowledge of what pets should and shouldn’t eat, and keep their […]

13 Common Pet Emergencies That Need Immediate Attention

13 Common Pet Emergencies That Need Immediate Attention Having a pet is a commitment. Most people misunderstand the most common pet emergencies, and don’t call for help until it’s too late. Understanding and keeping a list of the most common emergencies that require a veterinarian’s attention will help keep a pet healthy for a long […]

Common Household Poisons and Toxins

Common Household Poisons and Toxins Within our homes are dozens of substances and food products that, while safe for human use and consumption, are toxic or deadly for our pet companions. While many of these dangers are obvious and avoidable, there are some items we might not consider a danger — until a beloved pet […]